Rehabilitation Counseling Coalition (RCC) is Officially Announced

December 15, 2014

The Rehabilitation Counseling Coalition (RCC) is established for the purpose of coming together on issues vital to the continuation and advancement of the Rehabilitation Counseling community and profession. The RCC will 1) address and act upon current and future threats to the field of Rehabilitation Counseling, and 2) strategically plan for and dynamically advance the profession of Rehabilitation Counseling.

The RCC is formed to represent the collective strength in Rehabilitation Counseling while respecting the diversity which exists across our related professional associations. The RCC is committed to propelling the field of Rehabilitation Counseling forward through an action-oriented consensus building approach that promotes the tenet of doing what is best for the profession as a whole and for the recipients of services in particular. To meet these challenges, the RCC will work diligently to reach consensus on principles, identify objectives, and implement solutions that will result in positive outcomes.

To date, the Rehabilitation Counseling Coalition has been endorsed by the following professional organizational Boards:
ABVE-American Board of Vocational Experts
ARCA-American Rehabilitation Counseling Association
CSAVR-Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation
IARP-International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals
NASPPR-National Association of Service Providers in Private Rehabilitation
NCRE-National Council on Rehabilitation Education
NRA-National Rehabilitation Association
RCEA-Rehabilitation Counselors and Educators Association

The RCC recognizes and values the importance of active collaboration with the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC) and the Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE).

Coalition members have initially identified four pillars central to Rehabilitation Counseling:
1) Recommended competencies in professional preparation and credentialing of personnel;
2) Coordination of legislative action through legislative branch, the executive branch, and public policy;
3) Engagement in contemporary research and promotion of funding priorities;
4) Development of a dynamic plan for rebranding/gilding Rehabilitation Counseling

Information and updates on RCC business and actions will be disseminated utilizing existing communication means as available through the above mentioned organizations as well as other communication means as they are developed.