Recent Workshop/Board meeting

April 18, 2013
-       Call to Order @ 4:45 pm by President Dr. Robert Choate .
-       Present: Dr. Robert Choate, Dr. Bill Weber, Dr. Al Larson, Bob Cox, Linda Cox, Kendra Cox, Joyce Shoop, Ted Thayer
-       Treasurer’s Report:  Joyce Shoop provided a copy of the current bank statement showing  a current balance of $12,047.18.  Joyce moved to give $250.00 to TRA for coffee breaks at TRA conference June 30-July 2 in Corpus Christi. .  Linda Cox seconded.  Motion passed.  Discussion was held about continuing the practice of paying half the student membership for any undergraduate or graduate student in a Vocational Rehabilitation program in Texas.  Also mentioned was that we had already passed a motion by email to fund three hotel rooms for students at the TRA Conference, and that we were giving preference to those students who are presenting at the Roundtable Session on Sunday evening of the TRA Conference.  Joyce announced that there are 5 graduate students who will be presenting mini-sessions at the Roundtable Session, and they are in the process of applying for the TRCEA Hotel room grant as well as the SAARA Conference Registration grant. If all 5 apply, that would leave one opening for an additional male student to apply to room with the student presenter who is male.
-       Conference Discussion:  the TRCEA Conference has 15 paid regular attendees and two student paid attendees.  DARS DBS Office in Houston has sent a purchase order for 5 DBS counselors, which are included in that number.  Other attendees who are attending are our speakers, approximately 2 of whom will attend the entire conference. 
-       Discussion of current officers and board:  Peggy Carroll is out of state now and has one year left; Paul McCollum has health problems; Shawn Saladin and Zach Sneed are going off, need to replace for 2014.  Bill Weber agreed to complete Peggy Caroll’s tenure.  Need to recruit new officers and board members for 2014-2015 was discussed.
-       Discussion of Board Meeting at TRA Conference:  We will meet Monday after sessions, July 1st for a brief TRCEA Board/Membership meeting, time to be announced.
-       Discussion of creating a databaseBob Cox moved to develop a committee to create a database of PWD who are successfully working who might mentor current consumers with disability.  Bill Weber seconded.  Motion passed.
-       Discussion of TRCEA Spring Workshop 2014discussed setting a date for the TRCEA Spring Workshop in 2014.  We will need to find out about the NCRE Conference, Spring Break, etc.  Possible dates to consider: April 10th-11th, April 17th-18th or April 24th-25th, but will try to have it before May 1st.
-       Discussion of Rehab. Counselor of the Year:  discussed nominating a Rehab. Counselor of the Year and whether the nominee must be a member of NRA.  Bob Cox moved to also award a Rehab. Educator of the Year and that that person must be an NRA Member to be nominated.  We need to check with National RCEA to see if they have that award, and what the criteria are for nomination.  Motion seconded by all.  Motion passed.
Meeting adjourned at 5:43 pm.